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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help understanding how our eBay online auction software works? Here are the most common questions about our BidSlammer auction sniper Software.

How much does this cost? Are you really a free eBay sniping program?

   We are unlimited free for our flagship sniping service. You can use the service as much as you want. In order for our free servers to accommodate the thousands of free bids we process each day, we guarantee placement within 10 seconds. We place one bid from one server, which does not come with the 100% guarantee --- but it's free. For serious buyers, we recommend the Power Pack upgrades, starting at $12.

Do you bid the minimum amount necessary?

   Snipe bids are the same as proxy bids. That is, they work exactly as if you were doing the bid yourself "live" on eBay. As an example, let's say someone already bid $100. The price shows as $100. If you snipe $200, you will pay $100 plus the minimum increment (in this case, $1.50). Therefore you pay $101.50 although you sniped $200.

Is sniping better than just submitting the bid myself?

   People usually bid more emotionally when they know someone else is interested. When you bid on an item, the public knows of your interest and the sense of competition heightens. When you outbid someone, they find out immediately and usually drive up the price. Monitoring the auction is stressful and time consuming. Why not let someone else do it?

Can I bid against myself?

   Contrary to popular belief, you can actually bid against yourself if another bidder comes in between you and your second bid. In other words, if you snipe an item with a proxy bid waiting, it is very likely another bidder will intervene and raise your price. If you insist on bidding both ways for a must-have item, contrary to our advice, then make sure you manually "snipe" close to the end about 10-15 seconds prior to closing, as opposed to several days before. This will minimize any pricing escalation. Also make sure you understand how timing matters in What Snipe Lead Time Should I Choose?

In this case you are much better off spending your time protecting against human error than you are worrying about the very-unlikely chance you would miss due to lag.

If someone else also has a snipe in on the item will I automatically be outbid?

   The highest bid always wins. This rule supercedes all others. However, there is a special caveat. When it's sniper against sniper, you definitely want your bid to come in before the other person's bid, not after. Read more about choosing sniping lead times.

Is it possible to lose an auction even if my bid was higher?

   One or two snipes miss daily due to Internet or eBay lag. Other snipe services say it is for reasons of which are not certain, but we think that's a cop-out. At BidSlammer, we track the times when the bid is submitted and returned from eBay, and we even parse (read) the result page from eBay. So we pretty much always know the reason a snipe misses. But, we are always making improvements, and eBay is too -- so we are continually adapting.

For reserves, will you post only the minimum bid required to win?

   A bid will be placed at the minimum price needed to meet the reserve. Example: Starting bid is $50 with an undisclosed reserve of $100. Your maximum bid is $200. You will win for $100, if you are the only bidder.

Can BidSlammer help me manage my purchases?

   BidSlammer sort of doubles as a "My eBay", with one very cool improvement - we manage items you are planning on winning in addition to items already won.

Do you support all known browsers and platforms?

   BidSlammer has been tested by thousands of users of Windows, Macintosh (Intel/non-Intel), and Linux. You will need to have javascript enabled as well as pop-ups enabled for

Does BidSlammer require any software downloads or upgrades?

BidSlammer is completely web-based and will work with whatever browser you use and whatever computer you are on. So if you are on a Mac, PC, AOL, or even a PDA or cell phone, you'll be able to use BidSlammer products and services.

Is BidSlammer a better sniper than others?

   Any sniping service can place your bid near the close of the auction. What makes BidSlammer the best out there? Double-system Protection that fires two snipes at the same time from two locations. If one system fails, the other system executes the bid. A single system has a 99.9% success rate. Our second system raises it to a 99.98% success rate (only 1 miss every 50,000 snipes).

Do you support eBay UK or other eBay sites?

   BidSlammer supports all eBay sites, including sniping eBay Motors, sniping eBay.UK and

Can I change or remove my bid prior to closing?

   You can modify or delete your snipes 10 seconds before closing, or earlier.

Can I just track an auction without bidding?

   Set the bid amount to zero. The bid will be rejected by eBay but the auction closing information will be tracked. You can always update your minimum bid if you want to actively participate in the auction.

Does BidSlammer have bid groups?

   Bid Groups lets you bid on similar auctions to win only one item per group. Once you win an item in a group all remaining bids in that group are cancelled provided that the auctions are at least 5 minites apart. Bid Groups allow you to spread multiple bids around for similar items -- keeping your purchase prices low.

Does the sniper work with foreign currency?

   You don't do anything differently to bid for foreign auctions. Snipes are placed in the same units as the auction is listed.

Are there security risks with BidSlammer?


BidSlammer uses 256-bit encryption (a truly secure site). Also our Privacy Policy is very strict.

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