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BidSlammer Testimonials

BidSlammer strives to keep customers satisfied. Here are some of the example thank-you's we get every week.

review Reviews BidSlammer is the best eBay sniping tool I have used, by far.

BidSlammer is the best eBay sniping tool I have used, by far. The simplicity of use, free tier, and multiple premium options add up to a top notch user experience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their eBay bidding game up a notch.

— by user lastchanceauctions on 01/29/2021

review Reviews Could not have been more helpful.

Honestly could not have been more helpful.

Thank you for the fantastic customer support!

— by user theamberknot (Amit S.) on 08/25/2020

review Reviews These features are immense.

I have used tools like this since 2000 - this is by far the most comprehenive I have ever come across - these features are immense.

— by user c*****n (Amit S.) on 07/26/2020

review Reviews TY for detailed response!

Ok, I gotta say, [your response] was about the most useful customer-support message I've ever gotten. Thanks very much.

— by user rob*****n (Rob M.) on 12/09/2019

review Reviews I've missed my BidSlammer

[In response to restoring an old account]   I've missed my BidSlammer snipes so happy to have it back functioning again! Cheers and thanks for the help.

— by user alpca***6 (Jim) on 01/21/2020

review Reviews The service is awesome

... I can understand how you are getting a lot of new users...the service is awesome. ... I have certainly won many more auctions that I wouldn't have been available to snipe without BidSlammer.

— by user abc************rs (Gene) on 11/18/2019

review Reviews GREAT WORK!

GREAT WORK! Your customer service is as world quality as is your product.

— by user the**ep (Stephen) on 10/30/2016

review Reviews Didn't realize how much I depended on you!

I have checked the other sniping companies and I felt most at home with you. And you have always replied promptly and courteously to my e-mail. I didn't realize how much I depended on you! Thank you again for your kind responses and for being there. Best regards always, Cheryl

— by Cheryl (GustyScultz)

review Reviews Trying to keep this a secret, but can't help telling everyone.

"OMG!! I can't believe I actually managed to win a very popular item (17 bidders) pipping everyone everyone at the post. No way I could have done this without BidSlammer. Without other bidders dropping in at the last seconds BidSlammer beat them all for me. [Your] tip for inputting maximum willing to pay + a bit more really paid off because I needed that extra £1 to win. (Trying to keep this a 'Best Kept Secret' but can't help telling everyone.) Thank again, Mark"

— by Mark Homer (eBay userid shop24hrs)

review Reviews I won a $2600 item for $521

"I needed to purchase a $2600 multi-disc DVD burner for my music business, and saw 11 competitive bidders after one on eBay. I put in a BidSlammer bid of $805.00- after winning the item, I checked out the bidding history to discover that the losing bid of $511 just before mine was made 6 seconds before closing- BidSlammer kicked in at $521 at 5 seconds before closing-- ONE SECOND LATER! I won a $2600 item for $521!!"

— by Ned Mills

review Reviews Your service is awesome.

Just wanted to let you know that the sniping history no longer displays. No doubt this was an unintended effect of your recent upgrade. BTW, your service is awesome. So nice to walk off and know your bid is being placed without having to sit on the auction. Also, for those of us with no access to high-speed Internet (think rural here), it is the ONLY way to ensure placing a timely bid! Thanks, Cathy

— by Cathy R

review Reviews Your service is a "WOW."

You sniped and won the auction for me...and that was awesome! BUT... I think I screwed up and OWE YOU 10 Cents...which would not ordinarily be anything at all...but I paid for the auction from PayPal and left a "zero" balance... I mean, that is one rotten thing for me to do you, when right now, I think your service is a "WOW". How do you want me to cover this? I am still in the "Three Free Snipes" Phase of my trial membership...

Let me know what to do? I KNOW I'll be using you again and again and recommending your service!

Thanks a zillion.

— by GimmeThat

review Reviews On time delivery!

Your bidding snipe time is PRECISE!!!! I read other sniper forums and I read something about them having to pad the auction by a whole minute! That's sweet that you guys don't have to do that. - BZ

— by bidzilla

review Reviews Too good to be true!!!

Hello, I have really enjoyed your service for years. The new layout is sensational and so much smoother than the other sites I tried. Thanks for all your great help over the years.

— by amhefler

review Reviews Beginning of a long beautiful relationship...

You guys are the best...... This could be a long beautiful relationship......

— by 62strat4me

review Reviews Have won many cheap auctions because of this.

I really just wanted to send you an email saying how pleased I am with your service. I have been using BidSlammer since fall of '05 and have won many cheap eBay auctions because of this. I wish your company many years of profitable business - you have a great product for a cheap price with no monthly fees, I'm sold. - citro_cell

— by citro_cell


Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic, reliable and excellent value service time after time. Yours is the most outstanding service on the Internet for last-second bidding. Best wishes, Wlodek Tych

— by the_tychs

review Reviews My Slammer is working great...

Just dropping you a line to let you know Slammer is working great! I snagged a parka for my dad for X-mas against 2 die hard bidders. We are a good team! Again you guys stand out with the service you supply !! Your bidding partner, Carolee

— by cdef3g2

review Reviews Great success rate.

Thanks I agree that your success rate is really great!

— by teacuplady

review Reviews I saved $50!!

I have been trying and trying on eBay to purchase some items for my Harley Road Glide. Every time I would be outbid at the last second of the auction, even as I was sitting there on a fast connection I would watch as somebody else would win. My first auction with BidSlammer was a success and came in at $50 less than I was willing to spend.

— by WarrenBurch

review Reviews Many many thanks!!

Thanks for the great service. I will never again waste my time sitting at my computer waiting for a auction to get near the end so I can place a last second bid. I wish I knew of Bidslammer years ago It would have saved me a lot of time. Thanks Bidslammer !

— by xr75kid

review Reviews Great support!

Thanks for working on my issue. You have the best customer support I have encountered on the web.

— by cruzit

review Reviews Member for three years!

I will be continuing to use Bidslammer, I love your service!

— by nikicrab10

review Reviews You make great software!

I won for 80 bucks cheaper :-) - Thanks - I win often 'cause of you! Cheers!

— by nikicrab10

review Reviews Great job

Well, I tried your free trial and all I can say is your service did a great job for me. I am hooked.

— by jdconnel

review Reviews I'm hooked!

Ok, I'm hooked! I have been bidding on eBay for some time. Often, I miss bids because I don't have time to keep track of items. Also, I don't like to put in my highest bid because, usually I'll wind up getting bid up overtime by someone who drops out before my max is reached but would have not bid so high if my max bid was not there. Also, lots have been lost at the last minute because I bid lower than I might really have wanted to because of the above and then someone beats me by .50 or a $1.00. With BidSlammer, I have won several lots for well under what I would have been willing to pay. It is definitely the way to go for sure! Thanks for a fantastic service. Bill

— by will264

review Reviews Great customer service!

How amazing to get a real response, rather than a "canned" one. In our automated society, one gets too used to electronic responses and looping phone cycles that are incredibly frustrating. Thanks for being unique in your "human-ness."

— by scarletempress

review Reviews Very Impressed!

I love the fact that you offer a great service, but the fact that you offer flexible payment plans including a "pay as you snipe" option lured me into trying your service. I can't see forking over the 50 bucks some of these services want before even trying them out. The ability to pay through PayPal was also a big plus for me. I have to say, I'm hooked! As someone who travels for business and has frequent meetings, but enjoys auctions, I can't be tied to my computer 24-7. I can not always leave my computer logged on in any location either. This is a great way to bid on the things I want while I do what I need to during the day. I wish I would have discovered this service a long time ago! I will continue to use this service as long as it is offered. BidSlammer is great!

— by up_for_art

review Reviews New recruit to BidSlammer

Just wanted to thank you guys. I've won loads of auctions, the only 2 I didn't win were where my maximum wasn't quite high enough. Only downside to this fantastic service is that I'm now addicted. I get such a buzz from coming in at the last second, like a bolt from the blue, that I can't stop bidding. HELP!!!

— by casdubai

review Reviews You're Awesome!!

BidSlammer is so cool!

— by alexmlyon

review Reviews Great and Flawless Service

I just wanted to thank you for your great and flawless service. I have won many high end items and I could not do it without your assistance. I now have the confidence that when I put in a bid it WILL get done. Thank you, Jack W

— by piperjack

review Reviews The best service for the poor guy...

Dearest BidSlammer, I think you are the best service for the poor guy who can't sit waiting and watching all the time for an auction. It is terrible and exhilarating... I mean...terribly exhilarating!!..(did I spell that right?) You folks definitely have my support... I really enjoy the service you offer. It is unbeatable. I don't think I can afford NOT to keep using BidSlammer! Peace and Love, Kevin C.

— by mojokane

review Reviews I have been very impressed with Bid Slammer.

I have been very impressed with Bid Slammer. You guys are incredible. I use two names on eBay, one for work related items and one for my other stuff.

— by pathfinder

review Reviews I won my sewing machine!!

I just wanted to thank you because I *finally* won my sewing machine that I have been hunting!! Thank you and keep up the good work!! Have a pleasant weekend!! ;) ;) ;)

— by wysockigirl

review Reviews Works Great with Mac!

Just a note to let you know that for me and everyone else I know, Slam-It works beautifully with the Safari browser for the Mac OS X. I love it. I think it works better with Safari even than with Explorer.

— by harpy_esk

review Reviews Immense Praise

Enjoyed your [latest newsletter] article [about sniping ethics], and wholeheartedly agree. Seems that many sellers nowadays discourage snipers. I found one the other day who leaves automatic negatives for anyone who snipes his auctions. That's a crime--not sniping. I'm an eBay Power Seller, and I personally am quite glad that people snipe. It beats having an unsold item. At any rate, keep up the good work. No response to this note is necessary.

— by KD S.

review Reviews I'm telling everyone about you!

You sniped and won the auction for me...and that was awesome! ... I think your service is a "WOW"... I KNOW I'll be using you again and again and recommending your service!

— by KatiaOne

review Reviews You have my undying gratitude

"I am truly impressed!! You have my undying gratitude. I will never bid without you again. Thanks, thanks, thanks again. Well worth the investment!!" - sludgy

— by sludgy